Thursday, August 2, 2012

Final Reflection

I’m so glad I decided to take this class (especially during the summer) because I now have a very clear idea of the movie making process, my style, my vision, and what I want to do in the entertainment industry.
            Before this class, I knew that there were three-parts of the movie making process (preproduction, production, and post production). But making movies is easier said than done. While making my production bible, I already felt like I was in over my head. I didn’t realize there was so much to plan for a movie, because I was so used to just taking my camera anywhere and shooting. I’m glad we were required to do it, though, because there’s no telling what would’ve gone wrong at my shoot had I not been prepared.  The actual production for my scene wasn’t that difficult, but setting up for my group members was. Whenever I see a well-lit scene on TV, I realize that it took a lot of work to give that set a specific look. As for post-production, I’m more confident with Final Cut Pro than I was before. I’m actually having fun experimenting with different types of editing tricks (like the color pop I did in I Dance). I can’t wait to take upper-level TCF courses that revolve around different types of video-editing software.
            The blogs have helped me so much because I have a better idea of what style I want my films to be in. I didn’t think I had a specific style or vision; I just knew when I thought something was pretty. After gathering examples of my preferred lighting styles and photos that captured my visual style, I began to see consistency. I could always visualize what I wanted, but now I’ll be able to communicate what I want to future film crews.
            Last, I’ve had a change of thought since entering this class. I walked in thinking that I wanted to be a TV producer. Because we’ve gotten so many opportunities to direct, I realize that I’d rather do that instead. I have a wild imagination, and through directing, I’d have a chance to let my creativity flow. I also love working with actors, because I used to be one myself. And again, I’ve always liked editing, but now that I’ve been playing around with different editing tricks, I love it even more now. I could still make improvements when it coming to being a DP (I always forget to use good composition in my shots), but hopefully over time I’ll get better.
            Anyway, I have a totally different outlook on my future in TCF and my future in video production, thanks to this class.

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